desert sands charter high school career day 2014

my name is john gravois. i am 31 and i work for a company based in redlands called esri.
esri is a company that is worth a couple billion dollars. we make software for making maps.

the technical term for the place where geography meets technology is GIS or Geographic Information Systems.

i'm not sure how you feel about technology, but a lot of people think geography is boring. is that really true?

what exactly is GIS? what makes it so powerful?
snow map

so spatial problem solving has been around a long time, now lets add technology to the picture. now what happens?

whats more fun than cholera? how about lunch?

heres the tl;dr
maps and technology are actually awesome
learning about science and computers leads to endless job opportunities
everyone needs/uses technology, whether they work with maps or not
its never too late to start learning.

extra reading/viewing: