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Esri Leaflet: an Introduction

rachel nehmer + john gravois

PDX / redlands

@geogangster -

Who are we?

  • geographer by training
  • joined Esri in 2009
  • worked in technical support on products like ArcMap, ArcGIS Online and Server, Flex, Sharepoint (etc. etc.)
  • current Esri Leaflet contributor/maintainer

Who are we?

  • computer science background
  • joined the USGS in 2007 as lead developer of the National Atlas of the United States (retired program)
  • joined Esri in 2014
  • current Esri Leaflet contributor/maintainer

So, what is this 'Leaflet'?

  • open source mapping API
  • used by OpenStreetMap, Mapbox,
  • small, extensible API
  • lets take a look

Brief History of Esri Leaflet

  • the simplicity of Leaflet + ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Server services
  • started 'very' simple (Feature Services, Basemaps, Dynamic Map Services)
  • has grown in capabilities, contributors and stability.
  • Esri's most popular Open Source project.

Release Candidate 6

  • new renderer plugin!
  • scale dependency for FeatureLayers!
  • leverage native GeoJSON from ArcGIS Online!
  • Source maps!

Older stuff

  • Querying
  • Editing
  • Clustering
  • Website

Demo Time!


Esri Leaflet vs JavaScript API

Who wins?

No One

Good developers choose the right tools for the job

and everyone knows tag team wrestling is more fun anyway

Esri Leaflet

  • supports a variety of ArcGIS Services
  • clean, simple API
  • growing fast
  • Open Source

Esri Leaflet

  • doesn't support non-mercator tiles automagically
  • no Renderer support (fixed)
  • no Webmap support
  • no Routing support (yet)

JavaScript API

  • offically maintained and supported by a large team
  • supports ALL the functionality of ArcGIS
  • comes with lots of UI components
  • lots of helper components from Dojo

Choose Esri Leaflet if you...

  • are integrating into existing apps
  • are already familiar w/ Leaflet
  • want a simpler, focused toolset
  • want to leverage Leaflet plugins
  • easier integration w/ frameworks and build systems

Choose the JS API if you...

  • need deep integration with ArcGIS
  • want to support everything ( print services, web maps…)
  • work in non-web-mercator / wgs84 projections
  • already familiar w/ Dojo

You're part of the team

API Roadmap


twitter : @geogangster

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