christmas time again - 12.24.2014

i spent quite a bit of time on the road this year. i was lucky enough to take a trip to Peru w/ my adventurous mother. (if you haven't already seen them, some photos can be found here). i also made it out to Portland, New York, Western Mass, Atlanta, Austin, and San Francisco for a healthy mix of work and play.

my new gig at esri is incredibly fun and gives me the opportunity to write lots of shitty open source code. that being said, every day i get a tiny bit stronger, with the help of my generous colleagues and other programmers out in the wild, trying always to 'lift, while climbing'.

at home we cooked and brewed beer and played with dogs and pedaled bicycles and plenty of other boring but immensely gratifying things.

if i haven't spoken to you recently, rest assured that i miss you. for now, enjoy these pictures from 2014 and please holler whenever you have a chance.

from my family, to yours